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What is an online poker winning strategy?

I am often asked the question “how do you win at poker” or “what is an online poker winning strategy”? My usual response to this line of questioning is to ask my young apprentice “how long is a piece of string”? Put simply, you can’t improve your poker game by taking such a holistic approach. You need to break your game down and improve each facet to be a successful player.

The Growth of Online Poker

Over the past 6 months internet poker has grown substantially. During this time Party Poker, now the world’s largest poker room, has seen membership rates skyrocket by nearly 1000 per cent. The site during peak times has nearly 20,000 members playing poker online, up from 2,000 just 6 months ago. Other online poker rooms too have seen similar growth during this period. We have also seen numerous poker company start-ups, the most recent from Prima Poker and their subsidiaries and in recent times I cannot remember the demise of a single card room.

Artificial Intelligence and Poker

Has a world class poker robot been developed? This Online Poker Review article discusses poker bots, artificial intelligence and their relationship with poker.

Turn a matchstick into a carton of matchsticks

“Turn a matchstick into a carton of matchsticks”: Playing Poker For Fun. Online Poker Review friend Darryl "Dazzler" Lanvon shares his wisdom.

Are You an Expert or Novice?

Poker is a very competitive game. Ones longevity in the game depends directly on ones ability to compete with opponents. It has been estimated that about 70% of poker players are losing players in the long run. This high attrition rate is due to two factors, the rake and the large discrepancy in ability between expert and novice players. This paper provides a framework to determine whether a given player is likely to fall into the 95% “novice player” losing category or the 5% “expert player” winning category in limit poker, based on past playing history.

Have Party Poker changed their bonus policy?

In the past, Party Poker has offered monthly deposit bonuses (reload bonuses) to all of their customers. Using a generic bonus code, such as “JANBONUS” would entitle the depositor to earn 20% on their deposit up to a maximum of $100. Of course you would have to play 1000 ranked hands, or so, for the bonus to be released, but it was more or less free money.

The importance of Poker Tracker

In a nutshell, Poker Tracker is a Windows based computer program that allows you to analyze your online Texas HoldEm and or Omaha play. Poker Tracker does this by storing and summarizes hand history data that can be downloaded from most major poker rooms. Poker Tracker is an essential tool for any budding poker player hoping to make some serious money out of online poker. It is only by objectively analyzing your game that you make the significant improvements necessary to be successful.