Have Party Poker changed their bonus policy?

In the past, Party Poker has offered monthly deposit bonuses (reload bonuses) to all of their customers. Using a generic bonus code, such as “JANBONUS” would entitle the depositor to earn 20% on their deposit up to a maximum of $100. Of course you would have to play 1000 ranked hands, or so, for the bonus to be released, but it was more or less free money.

In recent times, Party Poker seems to have changed their bonus policy a little. Bonuses are targeted to specific customers. Those customers eligible for a bonus receive an email and are again notified of their eligibility when they log into the Party Poker client software. Furthermore, some customers are offered a 15% bonus up to $75, while other are offered a 20% bonus up to $100, and some are offered a 25% bonus up to $100. Presumably Party Poker offers these bonuses according to the activity of the account.

There is no doubt that Party Poker is trying to cut back on bonus whores exploiting these bonuses. I doubt that Party Poker’s new policy will significantly affect the masses, but time will tell.