US Poker Room Reviews

Not all online poker rooms accept registration from US poker players. Here is a list of US poker rooms that we have reviewed.

PokerStars Review

PokerStars is the site of Champions. All the big names of poker are linked with the site, Hachem, Raymer, Moneymaker and Negreanu. It’s innovative yet user friendly software allows for an enjoyable and potentially productive time at the tables. PokerStars has a very diverse array of ring games to choose from and offers a large range of tournaments and satellites which allows players of all levels a chance to play for the big bucks. PokerStars is a very reliable website which has great deposit bonus and loyalty programs, It also excels at customer support as any queries are answered quickly and efficiently.

Full Tilt Poker Review

FullTiltPoker was established in 2004 and since then has become perhaps the most popular site for poker players. The opportunity to play with a high profiled professional at any gaming level is the key drawcard for players at Full Tilt Poker. Most of the big online multi table tournaments all happen at Full Tilt Poker. They offer the biggest prize pools and plenty of satellites to gain entry into them. Full Tilt Poker offers great deposit and loyalty bonus programs. You can also use the very creative and informative features at the tables which are custom to Full Tilt Poker.

Bodog Poker Review

After extending itself to poker in 2004, Bodog is slowly becoming a well recognised site amongst players. It is a very artistic site and competently designed. It attains many features that prove to be extremely popular with its regular players. It is very easy to multi table at Bodog Poker which is a must for the majority of online poker gamers. Bodog Poker offers quality bonus plans and customer support is quick and very thorough.